GBQ Asia
GBQ Asia
Introduction in Investor Relations
About the course
IR course - an opportunity to open the world of professional investor relations
12 Hours
Course duration
Certificate BCPD Ltd. and GBQ Asia
Course Dates
150 000 тг
Course fee (per person)
For everyone who works:
- in companies that are planning an IPO in the near future, issuing bonds or attracting a strategic investor
- in investor relations
- in the field of corporate communications
- financial PR
- newcomers to the financial industry who want to know how to build communication in the financial sector
Introduction to Investor Relations Course
150 000
Core modules
Classical requirements of the exchange and investors, that are important for the IR-manager
Understanding of all stages of preparation (pipeline) of the company before, during and after receiving investment
The specifics of the financial market in the profession of IR-manager
IR Manager Work Tools
Defining the role of the IR manager and understanding the market, environment in which he works
Practical skills required for a successful Investors Pitch